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Garvin County

Garvin County Courthouse Oklahoma
Garvin County Oklahoma

Garvin County Courthouse
201 West Grant St.
Pauls Valley, OK 73075
(405) 238-1141

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Garvin County is located directly south of McClain County. In area, it is the largest county in the district.

Eight local law enforcement agencies serve Garvin County:

Also located in Garvin County is the Paul’s Valley State School for the mentally impaired. 

The District Attorney’s office is located in the Garvin County Courthouse on the corner of Grant and Walnut streets. The Garvin County legal staff consists of approximately 7 staff members with Managing Attorney Corey Miner, A.D.A.s, support staff, victim witness coordinators, and investigators. From time to time additional attorneys and/or support staff are reassigned from Cleveland County to Garvin County as necessary.