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Crimes Against Children

The Crimes Against Children department focuses solely on criminal charges filed against a defendant that commits a crime against someone under 18 years of age.
These crimes may or may not include Child Murder, Child Abuse, Child Neglect, Enabling Child Sexual or Physical Abuse, Enabling Child Sexual Abuse and Lewd Acts Against a Minor.
Our office has two prosecutors that are specifically trained to prosecute these types of crimes. This division works closely with the dedicated child crimes detectives in the police departments in our jurisdiction as well as the Mary Abbott Children’s House. The Mary Abbott Children’s House (MACH) Is a Child Advocacy Center that provides services and resources to the citizens of District 21. It is located in Norman but provides services to children in all three counties of the district. District 21 offices are also members of a statutorily authorized Multi-Disciplinary Team that includes law enforcement, our local Child Advocacy Center (MCH), the Department of Human Services (DHS), mental health service providers, local schools, medical and counseling providers. These entities work together to ensure that proper investigations are completed and follow-up services are provided to the victims of abuse or neglect.
If children are in need of counseling services due to abuse or neglect, our office often refers children to a local resource. One of these is Bethesda, which specializes in counseling services to children in Oklahoma who have suffered trauma due to abuse of any kind.
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