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Felony Offenses

The Felony Division’s main objective is the protection of not only the citizens of District 21 but also the citizens of Oklahoma by aggressively prosecuting all felony crimes.

These felony crimes consist of a variety of crimes including but not limited to: murder, robbery, shootings, and assaults with deadly or dangerous weapons, sex crimes involving adult and child victims, property & drug dealing/trafficking offenses, white collar crimes and other felony crimes against persons. 

Our office receives felony charges through law enforcement agencies and determines which charges to file. The next step is to go to a Preliminary Hearing Conference where our Assistant District Attorneys, the defendant, and their defense attorney appear in front of a judge to determine where the case will go next. 

Our Assistant District Attorneys prepare and prosecute cases through trial. They handle all sentencing hearings on these felony offenses as well as revocation hearings if necessary. In addition, this Division is also responsible for handling alternative court programs such as Drug Court, Community Sentencing, Anna McBride Mental Health Court and the Pre-Trial Release Program.