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Truancy Division

It is the mission and goal of the Truancy Division to give every parent the opportunity to re-commit to their child’s education. The punishment of parents for their child’s past truancy is our last resort.

Frequent absences from school may be the beginning of a lifetime of problems. Truancy has been identified as one of the early warning signs of students headed for potential delinquent activity. Truancy is commonly associated with juvenile delinquency and several studies indicate a high correlation between chronic truancy and crime. 

Oklahoma Law holds the parent or legal guardian of a student responsible for their child’s attendance at school. The law requires that school officials keep attendance records and report excessive absences to the District Attorney’s Office for the filing of the misdemeanor offense of Failure to Comply with the Compulsory Education Act (70 O.S. § 10-105A).

The penalty for this offense is up to five (5) days in jail for every unexcused absence and/or $50 fine per day after the notice has been given. Fines and jail time increase for subsequent offenses. 

Preventing truancy requires the support of schools, families, and communities. Prevention and intervention are the two key elements of our truancy program. Those of us in the District Attorney’s Office want to support you and your children. 

We want to see your child in a classroom, not a courtroom. 

To find out more details, please call the office and ask for the Truancy Program Coordinator. 

405-321-8268 ext. 2314