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Tribute To Victims

At the core of every violent crime is a victim. A victim whose life was taken not by the passage of time but by the violent acts of another. Time passes. The headlines disappear. It is important that these victims not be forgotten in the community in which they live. They are at the heart of what we fight for. Their stories are told here, through the people that knew them best, so that we all may know the effect of their loss. These stories are here, so we will never forget them.

If you would like to submit a photo and story of a lost victim from Cleveland, Garvin or McClain Counties, please contact us at


My son Robert Leon Deal III was a God-loving and caring man. He went to church and studied his Bible and helped everyone he met.

Robert Deal

Nathaniel (Nathan) William Ewing (1997-2017)

Nathaniel (Nathan) William Ewing was born in Wichita Falls, Texas in 1997. He was 20 years old when he went to be with the Lord. He was something special in this world, as he had a smile that was so vibrant it would light up an entire room. Nathan dreamed big but he was persistent that those dreams become a reality. One of his first dreams was to attend the University of Oklahoma as there were no bigger “Boomer Sooner” fans than he and his dad. This dream became a reality for him once he left for college in the fall of 2015. Nathan was majoring in engineering and minoring in aviation, as he accomplished his first solo flight shortly before he passed away. He gained the passion of flying from his #1 best friend and also mentor – his grandpa. Nathan lived by many values, but the most important one to him was to serve the Lord, and I can easily say he honored this value every day of his life. Nathan had a special quote that he would often say on hard days “It’s just a bad day, not a bad life” he was always strong and encouraging with his words that many would turn towards him for words of advice. Nathan will forever hold a place in many hearts and be missed every day until the day he greets us at the gates of Heaven once we arrive.

Allen Lee Counts (1992-2016)

Allen Lee Counts was born on December 29, 1992 and taken from us all too soon on December 21, 2016. He loved the outdoors and anything to do with it. He loved all seasons and was an avid fisher and hunter. He never met a stranger. Camping, Thanksgiving, and Christmas was his favorite time. He enjoyed teaching the younger kids how to catch, clean and cook fish, if they were interested he would teach them how to prepare other wild food. He enjoyed teasing his sisters whenever the chance came around and hanging out with his friends. Allen always kept the freezer full of meat, and the woodpile full, he wasn’t afraid of hard work, and always dropped everything to help someone in need, and didn’t ask for anything in return. Allen had a dog named Baby girl that he took hunting with him all the time. There is not a day that goes by that we don’t think of him, all we have to do is look outside and see him. We love you and miss you Allen.

Gloria Hunter (1946-2007)

Gloria Hunter was born in Holdenville, Oklahoma in 1946. She was 61 years old when she was violently murdered. She raised three daughters working very hard and put herself through barber college hoping to offer a better future for herself and her daughters. Through her hard work and perseverance, she entered nay contests as a platform artist in men’s haircutting, winning many trophies and awards. She then went on to open her own salon and lastly before her death, she owned the Wynnewood Barber Shop.

Gloria was one of the first people in the business community to volunteer for festivities, charities and anything the small town needed. Gloria was an amazing woman with a strong drive for life and a huge love for God. Through her strong faith, she made many friends offering a friendly smile, an encouraging word, a big hug or even a prayer. She loved to laugh and you couldn’t help but find yourself laughing with her. She always had a smile on her face no matter how tired she was, how bad she felt, or even if she was having a bad day. Gloria was an amazing, beautiful, strong woman who is missed daily. Her love, guidance and nurturing will always remain with me and as I pass it on to my daughter, she will always somehow forever be with us.

Trish Lomax

Lawrence Dwayne Slover

Dwayne was a good boy, we call him a boy but he was 27 when he was killed. He was always there to help his family and loved his mother and father with all his heart. Dwayne enjoyed fishing, loved his job and most of all loved his 2 children. He has a son and a daughter and we are all lost without him. In 2007 he went to heaven to be with his sister who was also killed ten years earlier in 1997. We miss them both so very much, but know that we will be together again someday.

Larry and Janet Slover

Melissa Ann Slover

Melissa was our everything, she meant the world to us. She was such a good loving and helpful girl. She was always thinking of others. She even gave her organs to help others. Melissa loved to help her dad work on houses and do crafts with her mother. She loved her brothers very much. We miss her so much and still cry for her. Melissa was 15 years old when she was killed in 1997 by a drunk driver.

Larry and Janet Slover

Jamie Rose Bolin (1995-2006)

Copper red hair, freckles across her cheeks, nose and forehead, blue eyes, fair skin, about 4 feet tall and smiling. That was her. When she would stay at my house, she would play with my 2 boys, her cousins. The boys and their dad, her uncle Tim, would take turns giving her rides on their three-wheelers and four-wheelers. As I watched her the first time she rode, I was nervous for her. But, after the first couple of laps, she had a frozen smile and kept yelling, “faster, faster.” That was her. Every time I would pick her up, she would flip through the radio stations to find a “good song” and sing all the way home. Hopping her head, smiling, and singing. That was her. When she would come over she would say, “Aunt Jesse, let me show you what me and my friends made up!!!” It was a dance, a skit, or a cheer. That was her. The stories on the news, the internet, the newspapers… the one of the girls who was found dead, brutally killed by her neighbor… that was not her. That’s what happened to her. She was a victim of a heinous crime. We miss her every day, every minute, every thought, and every breath. So, remember her. Remember that smile, that giggle. That was her.