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District 21 Mission Statement And Values

 The mission of the District Attorney is to seek justice, protect our communities, and represent those who have been the victims of crime

We strive to hold a level of integrity that other offices work to emulate. In order to fulfill our mission, then we must understand that public service is a public trust. That means that employees and volunteers who undertake this public trust must serve the public interest and perform with high personal integrity. Every employee must be vigilant to recognize and to avoid those instances and circumstances which can give rise to either the reality, or even the appearance of impropriety. We must always remember that when people see us and how we conduct ourselves, it reflects upon this office. We are held to a higher standard because of who we are and what we do.

According to our ethical guidelines, we have a duty to be reasonably diligent when filing charges or pursuing a case. Therefore, we enforce the criminal laws of the State of Oklahoma by prosecuting cases aggressively and efficiently in a manner that maximizes public safety and minimizes victimization. We are the last line of defense between the criminal and our neighborhoods, so we take steps to remain reasonably diligent when determining our next steps.

We believe in communicating with people honestly and in an atmosphere of mutual trust.  It is important to treat everyone who walks through our doors fairly and equally. When it is our duty to provide legal advice and representation to other government agencies, we do it with the highest quality. We extend this to our employees too by ensuring humane and consistent treatment of our employees.

Our job is to protect the communities of District 21 of the State of Oklahoma from those who endanger, threaten, and degrade the security of our community. We also work to serve our communities by protecting the personal rights of the people of District 21 to life, liberty, and security. Employees of our office remain active in our communities by participating in community activities, volunteering, and educating the community on public safety.

It is important that those whom we serve have confidence in the integrity of the Office of the District Attorney and its employees. Our employees undertake this public trust and work to perform with high personal integrity. We work to create an environment where victims are treated with dignity, compassion, and respect. Our Assistant District Attorneys are expected to try every case fairly and with careful consideration. Our duty is to enforce the law and to seek justice so it is important that those whom we work with have trust in our office.